So what do we do?

Our Family Office has the combined experience in industries such as mortgages, financial services, real estate and debt consolidation.

We buy distressed properties and Short Sales

Selling your home quickly can feel like a daunting task. At Home Relief, our extensive knowledge of the housing market makes us one of the most trusted and reliable home-buying companies. We provide quick cash offers to close on your schedule. If you’re ready to sell your home, call us today to get started.

Loan Modification

If you are looking to stay in your home but are unable to afford your monthly payments, we can help. We utilize different approaches depending on your personal situation all with the same goal in mind: to keep your payments consistent with what you can afford.

Credit repair

After a thorough examination of your credit history and identifying items in your history that are damaging to your credit, we will dispute negative remarks through each of the credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. We will also analyze your positive credit and help you understand how to optimize your score using techniques for paying bills and opening and closing credit.


All properties that go through foreclosure involve a legal procedure. We work with seasoned real-estate attorneys to determine the most effective and appropriate course of action for every specific situation. Our goal is for clients to go through the least financial and emotional distress as possible.

Work towards a better future

Many of life’s biggest decisions will involve credit. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Reach financial goals

It’s difficult to improve your credit with the burden of a distressed property or defaulted loan. Let us help you set yourself up for financial success.

get a new car

Don’t get denied for an auto loan. Your new car awaits.

lower interest rates

With an improved credit score, you’ll qualify for lower interest rates.

qualify for a better job

Background checks often include credit reports. Increase your chances of getting hired by ensuring you have a good credit score.

Buying a new home

Keep your credit score healthy so you can buy a home one day!

credit card approval

Simply put, better credit means better interest rates.

stay ahead of your situation

client testimonials

I was going through hardship due to a loss in my family and was having problems with my house. Home Relief was there for me when I needed it most. They were extremely helpful and informative and made me feel like I was in good hands during the entire transaction.
Single Family home in Staten Island
Our past experience with Sam was great! I appreciated his honesty and all he did for us. We had nowhere to turn and Sam was upfront and never committed to something he couldn’t do. Till this day we are still in contact either he checks in on us or we on him. We had a wonderful experience with great customer service. Thank you!
Multifamily Residential Property in Staten Island